Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Back...And Moving To The USA!

Well after a five month hiatus from blogging I've done a few things.

I got a German Shepard puppy named Whiskey:

I went crazy finishing my PhD:

I become a Project Manager at work:
Lost, gained and then gained some more dissertation weight:

And now after 2 years in the UK Mike and I are moving back to the US of A at the end of June to start anew.

My friends Ally and Sam at my graduation
It's been an interesting time in my life. I spent 12 years working towards the goal of becoming a doctor. Through all the moves across the world, writing assignments, grants, conference talks, late nights and heartache I never really thought it would end. It's hard to see the finish line when there are so many obstacles to cross beforehand. But, this past school year it all fell into place. The research ended, the words began to flow, my ass became glued to my desk chair and the weight piled on. After nine months I gave birth to a 170 page document that showcased my "expertise" in the field of anthropology. I defended my work, received my hood, drank my whiskey in celebration and now I can put the big "Dr." before my name. What now?

That "what" is a move - it's what I do best. My next move is back to the good old USA to figure things out. I am determined to get into social policy and research and stay out of the academy for a while. The best way to do this is to make my way to the nation's capital and the surrounding areas. It's not what I envisioned, or what I thought I wanted. Yet, if I have learned anything in the last decade of my life is that life is a funny bitch and it's all about the hustle: