Thursday, February 18, 2010


For those that have not noticed I decided to give my blog a little face lift.  I never really liked the colors or layout of my blog, but couldn't be bothered to redecorate.  Well, in the name of procrastination (I am suppose to be writing a talk on my theoretical framework for my dissertation for a conference at London School of Economics next month right now) I decided now was the best time for a change.  Although not quite there yet I do feel this is more my style.  So, instead of reading about DuBois and double consciousness and how I can relate that to ethnic and national identity in Britain I will prowl the web looking at templates and learning more about HTML formatting.  Damn I can't wait till this talk to be over!

Oh and give me feedback on the new look if you don't mind!

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Celeste said...

hahahah YES! As always I am entertained and informed and somehow inspired after catching up on here.

I love the not all sense is common.

Running's a beast man. I'm actually considering starting it again, maybe some jogs or something, I REALLY miss it but I'm just so scared of completely destroying my knees. I dunno. Anyway congrats to Mike :) And to you -- racing def. isn't the same as training but shit, you put yourself out there and gave it your best.

And stop fucking around with your hip muscle!

And you sound like a Brit :) Your written cadence, so to speak, is taking an English tone :) And you said "realised". Hhahahaha. Nicole's Eurotrash! ;)

Love ya!