Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give Back

Haiti has been hit by a massive earthquake with devastating consequences.  The New York Times, CNN, and The Times London are all reporting an estimate of at least 100,000 dead and more still to come.  The pictures are shocking, leaving many to tears as the world is given photographic evidence of the pain and suffering.  In these times of crisis it is up to everyone to come together and pool resources to help those in need.  Yes, in a month's time the people of Haiti will most likely be forgotten by the media and push to the back of people's minds.  But, for now we must stop the cynical nature and push forth a more humane view.  So, what can you do to help?

DONATE:  Whether it is money, time, clothes, food.  Everyone can help by giving. If money is short and you have a family to feed then look through your closets/wardrobes and see what you haven't worn in a while and give it the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Goodwill, or any other body that is giving aid to Haiti.  Look through your cupboards and food that can be spared don't throw away - just give it to a charity.  And if you have an extra $5 or $10 lying around then put to good use and send it to a local group you know will help in this time.  Please, let us not forget that apart of being human is to be humane and the people of Haiti need some humanity. 

Places to Donate:
1) Partners in Health 

2) The Red Cross 

3) Doctors Without Borders or in the UK go here  

4) In the US Wyclef Jeans' Yele organization will allow you to text 501501 to donate and the sum will be added to your next phone bill

5) The Disaster Emergency Committee

6) Any other local group you know that is giving relief to Haiti

I know some of you wish you could go and give your help on the ground, but if that is not possible at this time then give your support through money, clothes, supplies.  In the future remember these emotions and channel them into volunteering and community help either abroad or at home.  We can't forget the humanity part of being human - something that happens far to often.  If you have anymore organizations you know of then please share.  Have a good day


Anna J said...

You can also text Haiti to 90999 to give $10 to the Red Cross. Like Yele, it's added to your phone bill. Thanks for posting this, Nicole.

Nicole said...

Hey Anna thanks alot for the info! Really appreciate it.