Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Weekend

Here is a link of pictures from Wednesday night on the 30th of December, 2009 to Sunday afternoon on January 3, 2010.  One of the best weekends I have had in a long time, I hiked with Mike, Vix, and Alex New Years Eve in a forest, climbed a mountain on New Years day, hiked another forest the day after and geo-cached Sunday morning around an old Welsh fort and mining site.  The scenery was stunning, feeling more like the Swiss Alps than the UK (but technically I haven't been to the Swiss Alps so this is all based on the Sound of Music and pictures) and my love for nature grew.  So I hope you all enjoy.

New years weekend 2009-2010

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Celeste said...

:) love it. surrounded by love is what it's all about. happy new year yall!